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Pace COB Light

With Fybros Pace COB Lights, the optics produce the quality of light that inspires. It allows people to shape the landscapes of their personal space. You can sit back, relax, or get the party started with these lights available in different colors and designs.

OPAL COB Down Light

Experience OPAL COB Lights by Fybros that are perfect and elegant, compliments any decor with its changeable color options. These lights are suitable for living rooms, showrooms, and restaurants. Simple yet joyful, OPAL COB Down Lights allow you to witness the joy of use.

F-Ring COB Light

Lights that set your mood apart. The F-Ring Spot Light by Fybros is minimalist by design is ideal for lighting up your closets, indoor temples, showcases, etc. Its 2W capacity doesnít put a load on your pockets and is easy to install.