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Communication Cables are a cable that is used to transfer information by the use of currents of varying frequencies. Communication Cables differ from Power Cables as power cables are produced for high voltages and high currents, whereas communication cables are produced for low voltage and low currents. Communication Cables are generally used for transmitting data, electronic circuits, Ethernet connections, and networking. These cables are mostly used to connect and power appliances like-.











Data Transmission


Fybros, at its well-equipped manufacturing plant, produces Television Cables, TV Dish Antenna Co-Axial Cables, Computer and LAN cables, and CCTV cables under the Communications Cables category.


Telephone and Switchboard Cables


Made of pure electrolytic grade bright annealed bare copper, the telephone cables are twisted to form pairs and bunched to minimize cross talk. The cores are helically wrapped. Non-hygroscopic and non-wicking polyester tape to form laid-up cables.


The laid-up cables are further jacketed with grey-color and high oxygen index fire retardant PVC. Fybros Telephone and Switchboard Cables are recommended for switchboard and internal telephone wiring in multistoried buildings, offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, and residential complexes.


Telephone and Switchboard Cables by Fybros offers high-speed transmission, zero noise level, no cross-talk, no voice loss, and low attenuation.


3-Core Flat PVC Submersible Cables


Submersible Cables are a specialized product used for submersible pumps in the deep well. The area of installation is physically restrictive environment is very hostile. These connecting cables are used to connect underwater submersible pump set with the supply line, agriculture, irrigation, domestic installation, outdoor application, and power supply. Fybros designs and manufactures these submersible cables keeping in mind the factors to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability.


Equipped with 100% Annealing technology, these cables hold a Test Voltage of 3000 volts that can bear heating temperatures from -15 Degrees Celsius to -75 Degrees Celsius resulting in more than 100% Conductivity offering a Longer Service Life.


TV Dish Antenna Co-Axial Cables


Fybros co-axial cables (or ‘coax’) is the most common cable used for transmitting video signals. The name ‘coaxial’ refers to the common axis of the two conductors. Co-axial cables also offer high bandwidth per channel and low noise & crosstalk which makes the medium of choice for delivering high-definition video to and within the home, short co-axial cables are used to connect equipment such as TVs, DVRs, VCRs, or CATV.

With excellent adhesion, higher bandwidth, and low loss in signal quality these cables are moisture-proof and provide better reception with less electromagnetic interference.


Computer and LAN Cables


LAN Cables are very effective network cabling systems used in modern computer networks. These cables are the backbone of modern data transmission in commercial areas, industries, buildings. Fybros provides a wide range of Computer and LAN Cables that are manufactured using quality tested materials.


These types of cables are often used in structured cabling computer networks such as Ethernet and are also used to carry many other signals such as basic voice services. Computer and LAN cables are known for high-quality features like flexibility, compatibility, and durability.


Fybros Computer and LAN cables offer choices of jacketing with high bit rates and are wrapped in a snare-free pack. These cables are used in structural cab lines and are the best substitute for imported cables.


CCTV Cables


Surveillance is a primary function in safety and security for many environments such as schools, casinos, prisons, and businesses. The selection of cameras and other electronic equipment is a primary concern, but the link between the electronics should be taken with extreme caution.


The CCTV Cables provided by Fybros is a composite structure of video and audio wires intended to install the cameras with audio systems from one point to the equipment system. We use the best quality raw materials to ensure efficient operation standards. Our CCTV Cables are safe and offer reliable transmission of voice, video, and data. These CCTV cables are available in various specifications and reasonable prices to suit your needs.


Built with sturdy construction, Fybros CCTV cables are durable, highly shockproof, and offer high tensile strength.