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Nuit Lamp

Let the lights convey your mood with Fybros NUIT Night Lamps that offer pleasing brightness and encompass a long-lasting performance.

Hybrid Lamp

As bright as the sunlight, the new Hybrid HD lamps by Fybros are crafted to perfection and come with a wattage capacity ranging from 3W to 60W.

Bloom Lamp

Make your nights cozier with the Bloom Night Lamps by Fybros that is minimalistic in design and are pleasing to the eye. These night lamps create a comfortable atmosphere and come with multiple color options to choose from.

Duo Inverter Lamp

Designed with long-lasting, energy-saving, and a desirable wattage capacity, the Inverter DUO Hybrid Inverter Lamps by Fybros offer supreme brightness. These lights offer a long life of up to 25,000 hours.