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Zeno Down Light

Zeno Down Lights by Fybros possess brightness that impresses. Equipped with a capacity of 3W, these lights enhance the beauty of your adobe with varied color options to choose from and take it to a whole new extent.

Silvio Plus Integrated Light

The strong body and sleek design of the SILVIO Plus Integrated Light by Fybros make it ideal for lighting any space. It has high durability and is available in many colors. Importantly, the high lumens ensure extra brightness for that extra cheer in the room.

F-Eco Down Light

White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Pink, choose the color that puts you at ease with the attractively crafted F-Eco Down Lights by Fybros that offers great lighting through its 6W capacity.

Roso Junction Downlight

Elegant and trimless by design, ROSO Junction Downlights by Fybros allows the light to spread wide thereby providing a brighter atmosphere. These lights are just ideal for deep junction fittings and are equipped with a built-in driver. Available with a wide range of color options ROSO Junction Downlights comes in a wattage capacity of 8W and 15W respectively.

Fio Deep Down Light

Unvarying and uncluttered in design, the FIO Deep Down Light by Fybros offers impressive brightness with its wattage capacity of 3W and its varied colors options allow you to choose the lighting according to your mood and interiors.