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ReNove Re-Wireable Switch Fuse Unit


The Re-Wireable Switch Fuse Units by Fybros are used for distributing power, protecting electrical devices and cables from damage due to power fluctuations. The fuse unit is housed in an enclosure made using a quality CR sheet. The fuse units are stringently tested in compliance with the required industry standards.


Switch fuses are commonly used for industrial and domestic purposes.


ReNove Changeover Switch (Off Load)


A comprehensive range of general-purpose load changeover switches with side handle operation finds wide application in all general industries where individual systems require safe and reliable transfer of power from main supply to standby and vice versa. Load changeover switches are supplied in CR sheet enclosure, side operated with three stables positions. |-O-|| (Centre-off-position).


This is the type of changeover in which the time delay is provided with the help of the unit so that after changeover between supplies load is connected to other sources of supply after a particular time delay. This is a better-preferred method as it avoids surges or sparking which can occur due to sudden connection of load after the changeover.